by Ed Finke

We have been fortunate to receive a promise to match new or increased pledges dollar-for-dollar up to $4,000. This promise is from several members of our congregation who wish to remain anonymous, and who want to make new or increased pledges worth twice as much.

Early this year we faced a budget shortfall of $71,000. Through the generosity of many we have raised $30,000. We are on our way to closing our budget gap so that we can maintain excellence in our five areas of ministry (Worship, Community, Discipleship, Stewardship, and Outreach,) but we still have a way to go. Please consider making a pledge or increasing your current pledge.

Attached is a pledge form you may submit to the church treasurer to start a pledge or increase a pledge. Also, you may make a cash donation by check (note in memo section of the check “matching pledge gift”).

We thank our anonymous challengers, and thank you for your participation at All Saints’.

More of the story…
by Greg Troxell

You might recall that in November we launched our 2012 pledge campaign. The goal was to raise  $220,000 in pledges (the goal was $20,000 higher than the 2011 goal).  The campaign ran until the middle of January and was a great success–in fact, we exceeded our goal by raising $227,000.  It certainly takes more than that to maintain our buildings, pay the staff, and fully fund our ministries. Pledge income is accompanied by donations, investment income, and other income that work together to balance our annual operating budget totaling $627,638.

Then came a few financial surprises that included two income losses and a new increase in expenses. This new reality was presented at the annual meeting in January and the congregation agreed to enter a second campaign rather than to reduce ministry budgets or cut staff.