This month we e-mailed the Patter to thirty-seven parishioners and the entire vestry. We also cleaned up the new Fellowship One Database, saving $44 in postage, hundreds of pieces of paper, much costly ink, and hours of manpower for printing, sealing, and labeling.

If you have not done so, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to read the Patter online. Once you have seen the Patter  in living color as it was meant to be seen, you will never want a hard copy again. Tell your fellow parishioners how great the Patter looks online.

To help us close the budget gap, we hope to reduce our Patter mailing from 386 households to 200, meanwhile increasing our news coverage and access to the website, RSS, and social media. Reducing the Patter mailing to 200 units would save All Saints’ $1344 annually in postage. Toward this endeavor, beginning with the May edition, we will take your name off the “mail-to list”  unless you specifically request a hard copy. Remember that copies of the Patter will remain available in the back of the church, the church office, Grant Hall, the music room, and on the welcome table outside of Seccombe Hall, if you should still choose to have a paper copy.

If you haven’t seen the new website, we ask you to visit it now: You may use the search window at the right-hand top of the page to find articles and pages of interest to you.

You may also subscribe to our online news feed via RSS. Use the Google Reader extension if you use the Chrome browser.