The Vera Millis Library, Strengthening your faith

Thanks to the generosity of several people, our library collection has been re-organized and updated with many new books. The classics are still there, but lots of books by current authors are now available. Come explore!

We just celebrated Easter, the resurrection of our Lord, but in this modern time, 2000 years and more after that event, many of us struggle to understand what really happened and ask, “Who is that Man, really?” Hundreds of authors have written on that subject (Christology) and there are a number of good books in the library that may help you in your spiritual quest. They are labeled with a [2].

During Lent we explored different approaches to prayer. The library has a section on Prayer, Meditation, and Devotions; those books are labeled with a [3].

The following books are displayed on the top of the bookcase. Perhaps one is right for you.

The Truth about Jesus, by Donald Armstrong [2]
The Resurrection of Jesus: A Jewish Perspective, by Pinchas Lapide [2]
That Man is You, by Louis Evely [3]
The First Easter, by Peter Marshall [3] (A classic)
The First Easter: A Children’s Version [J]
Can I Pray With my Eyes Open? [J]