by Dave McClendon, H. R. Vestry Liaison

On Wednesday, April 4, 2012, the five-week series of Lenten Soup Suppers concluded with its most well-attended evening of wonderful fare and gathering of spiritual unity. As a participant myself in the festivities through the season, I can say that everyone enjoyed each and every one of the weekly evenings together. So many individuals worked to make each experience a memorable one for all. To name them would tax my fading memory to excess, so I will simply issue great thanks to everyone who contributed so much this year, with a pledge to “name names” next year. One individual, however, who was this year’s successor to Claudia Ward (last year’s guiding light), deserves to be recognized for her outstanding leadership and efforts to make it all happen for all of us. So thanks to you, Bonnie Bufkin, for the splendid time that was had by all.