We, the people of All Saints’, glorify Christ and serve others by communicating the great news that demonstrates four key points about our parish. We communicate over and over again, in such a way that others want to tell the same stories and share the same great news with others.

All Saints’
  1. is happy and hopeful,
  2. undertakes bold ministries guided by a clear, compelling mission and strategy,
  3. lives out the values of the Gospel, and
  4. builds trust.
We all have stories to tell, but none of us knows the full sweep of our positive impact. The vestry has committed to tell at least five people at least one piece of great news, and hopes to make this a weekly habit.
This is your parish, so these are your stories to tell.
  • Twenty-five youth have participated in youth group events this year, with twenty-two participating more than once. Seven of these are friends of our youth members.
  • Robin Denney serves with a team of youth leaders made up of two young professionals (Louis and Carl), and two college students (Deanna and Anthony). Holly Hudson-Louis commented that we have a youth leadership team that is rich in faith, filled with great stories about how God has acted in their lives, and brimming with fun-filled energy and music! She enjoyed working with them as we prepared our youth for confirmation.
  • Have you heard the story of support and love to Virginia Bickford? An army of All Saints’ volunteers helped Virginia sort, pack, run errands, and say goodbye. Her family witnessed the power of Christ’s love at All Saints’.
  • It seems as if the entire surrounding community responded to Small Bites for Big Hunger. We sold almost 200 tickets, and members and people beyond the parish—including school families—together donated over 100 auction items.
  • An elderly couple started worshiping regularly again because they heard that we added music to the 8:00 a.m. service.
  • People are enjoying our website, with its pictures, stories, and information.
  • The All Saints’ Singers children’s choir is a wonderful ministry, bringing together children from the parish, the school, and the greater community.
  • We are offering a summer music camp for children called Bach to the Future. Previously these two week-long camps were run by the Carmel Bach Festival, with us as a supporting partner. Now it is fully our ministry. At the end of each of the two weeks, the children sing at the service and, of course, they bring their families with them!
  • We have two different types of food bags that we give to anyone who comes to our door; one is for those who have cooking facilities, and the other is for those who do not. A woman recently asked how often she could return for another bag, wondering whether it could be as often as once a week, and was amazed to learn that she could return every day, if needed.
  • Todd is contemplating starting another choir, an auditioned youth choir that would begin sometime in the future for students in sixth grade through college. He is thinking of holding rehearsals both in Carmel and at the Boys and Girls Club in Seaside, and in this way blending youth from the parish, our school, and the local community. This choir might perhaps sing twice a month at a liturgy, most likely on the second and fourth Sundays each month, for either the 8:00 a.m. or the 5:30 p.m. service.
  • We are restarting weekly services at the Santa Lucia Chapel in Big Sur, at 5:30 p.m. on Saturdays. What a joy to be able to offer summer services at our outdoor chapel again, after a hiatus of approximately ten years.
  • Have you seen the brochure about the upcoming Festival of Christian Spirituality: The Gift of Poverty and Abundance? I am proud of our parish for offering to the greater Church such an incredible experience. The festival is open to people in our area, and we are also inviting people from across the nation to come to our destination location in order to participate.
  • We are dreaming and praying about starting a hot lunch program one day a week. This would complement the work of the Carmel Foundation, which does not offer a noon meal on Wednesdays.
  • Robin Denney and one of our mothers have started an outreach ministry for youth and their families. The group recently served at Dorothy’s Kitchen, in Salinas.