The Baptismal Font at All Saints’ and stained glass window created by artist, Mark Adams

Elizabeth Barratt, author of The History of Carmel Valley,  The History of Gilroy, and All Saints’ Centennial Book,  serves also as the historian for All Saints’. She has just completed, with eyeglass in hand, the monumental task of reading and digitally recording one hundred years of All Saints’ history–and now the baptismal record of all our members is accessible to you and your family. Click here to view and search the baptismal records. We encourage you to share this link with family and friends who share a spiritual connection to All Saints’ through their baptism.

During the project–which took nearly five months–Elizabeth often shared fascinating historical events in e-mails, in passing on Sunday morning, or during the Wednesday Bible study. Here’s one such event:
I have just come across the baptisms of Joan Elizabeth Dekker and Susan Mary Dekker, both daughters of William Nikolas Dekker and Mary Steinbeck Dekker  on October 27, 1935. The sole godparent for both of them was (apparently their uncle) John Steinbeck! Another historic event  for All Saints’! – Elizabeth Barratt
All Saints’ baptistry, with its spectacular stained glass  by renowned local artist Mark Adams, was donated in memory of Polly Firestone by the Firestone family. The  fixed baptismal font was given in 1951 by Laura and Willard W. Wheeler in memory of their four children. The freestanding baptismal font was donated by Janice and Ray Smith and their friends in 2003. In 2012 the estate of Mark Adams and Chris Winfield coordinated the installation of Mark Adams, Resurrection Tapestry.