All Saints’ Drama Troupe…

Liturgical drama is fun, easy, and quite moving. It enables the congregation to become active participants in a rich visual and oral tradition, and we see the lessons as well as hear them. They become fresh and new, and somehow come alive for us all over again.

The group is always open to new members of all ages. Most, if not all, rehearsals are minimal: perhaps some time after church to prepare for the coming week and a rehearsal at 9:00 a.m. on the day of the performance. If we mount something more complex, then an extra rehearsal will be scheduled. Most of what we do at first will be staged readings, so there is little to no memorization! Some of the dramas can be highly interpretive and incorporate movement as well as the spoken word.

To get involved, please contact Nancy Bernhard at or 831-585-8685.