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Step away from your daily routine during the weekend of September 28-30.
Come to the Central Coast of California and learn in community
with others about The Gift of Poverty and Abundance, while engaging
in spiritual disciplines new and old.

Introducing Conversatio
The festival incorporates a number of spiritual disciplines that accommodate different learning styles and permit multiple dimensions of participation. Conversatio is the key discipline of the festival, but is such a unique method of communicating that it is difficult to describe succinctly. Conversatio is a means of listening to God and to each other, and a way of speaking from the core of our hopes and fears, where participants are guided by the Holy Spirit. During conversatio a question or silence becomes as generative as a profound insight. Like Moses standing before the burning bush, such meaningful and prayerful communing dissolves false assumptions and brings God’s wisdom and new perspectives to light. Conversatio describes a method of prayerful dialogue practiced during the festival, but also describes a way of life by which disciples follow the living presence of Christ through the grace of the Holy Spirit. Click here to register for the Festival.

Introducing the Center for Christian Transformation

Join the year-round festival community that supports participants as they extend their own transformation, by inviting others into community and responding together to needs in their local area. The Center for Christian Spirituality uses social media, website, and other resources to support the community. In turn, the center is enriched by the perspective and spiritual strength of individuals from various Christian denominations.