1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ offers answers to all of the needs of the world.
  2. It is precisely the love of God we experience through Jesus Christ that propels us to respect all people, cultures, and faith traditions.
  3. The reign of God that Jesus manifests is primarily located on earth. Our calling is to be the conduit of God’s ministry of reconciliation which restores the world and human society to its original purpose.
  4. We are profoundly hopeful, knowing that God is constantly ready to establish the domain of mercy and compassion as soon as we are willing to conform ourselves to the Gospel. We expect this revolution and we dedicate ourselves to it.
  5. The more reverence, intimacy, humility, and honesty we practice, the stronger our community of faith will be. The more vibrant the Church is, the greater possibility there is for transformation.
  6. Prayer, in all its forms, works.
  7. Our relationship with Christ is generative and life-giving.
  8. People are inspired to undertake acts of reconciliation by witnessing the Gospel embodied in our lives.
  9. Faith calls us to action.
  10. Questions often carry more value then do answers. We claim the sacred quality of wonder, and seek not to rush to conclusions.
  11. Actions can be offered as prayer and adoration.
  12. Conversation undertaken with integrity heals and serves as God’s means of reconciliation.
  13. We value the integration of the heart, mind, body, and soul, and recognize that such integration leads us into value relationships with others and generates communities of trust and respect.
  14. We value even more being integrated with God through the Holy Spirit.
  15. Worshiping communities generate life-giving politics that can lead to the transformation of social structures through a new way of life.
  16. True justice derives from righteousness (i.e. right relationship with God and neighbors) and restores us to the original purpose of creation.
  17. The great tradition of the Christian Church offers incredible resources that we seek to offer back to the contemporary Church for the sake of its mission and ministry.
  18. The liturgy is the fount from which the power of God flows and in which the Holy Spirit forms a renewed creation and informs the Body of Christ.

The Center for Christian Transformation offers Festivals of Christian Spirituality. The 2012 festival has the theme of “The Gift of Poverty and Abundance,” and takes place on September 28 to 30. Click here for more information.