by Robin Denney

Ari Milan and Lexie Rodriquez, two of the youth going on the summer diocesan mission trip to McDermitt, Nevada, with the Sierra Service Project, preached the sermon on June 24; excerpts are below.  They talked about their experience with the youth and family service days, and the reason they want to go on a mission trip.

“Going to Dorothy’s Kitchen and cooking for the homeless was a life-changing experience for everyone. After going to Dorothy’s Kitchen we realized how much we enjoy helping others. So we got really excited when we heard about the Nevada trip, and when Robin told us that we would be helping others to build houses,  that we would be working as a team, and that we would get to meet new people.”

During the service the youth launched their Sponsored Famine campaign to raise money for the mission trip.  They, along with other members of the youth group and adult chaperones, will be going hungry for thirty hours on July 22-23.  During that time they will have educational programs about hunger, they will pack food bags for the hungry, and they will write to their sponsors about the experience of going hungry.

“We decided to do the sponsored famine because we wanted to know what it is like to be hungry, so we can relate to the kids all over the world who don’t have enough food.  This is also an opportunity for us to share with the people who sponsor us about what the experience of going hungry is like for us and what we learn.  The fasting is also an opportunity to get closer to God.”

Of the $1,280 they needed to raise to cover the cost of the trip, they received pledges for just over $2,000.  The excess money will go to support scholarships for other youth from the diocese who are not able to afford the trip.  The All Saints’ youth are so excited to receive enough pledges both to go on the trip themselves, and also to be able to help others go on this life changing service experience!

If you would like to support the sponsored famine and summer mission trip, sponsorship sheets are at the back of the church.  You can also donate to the church, memo: SSP summer mission, or Donate Now using the website.


If I were Hungry

by Louis Powell

If I were hungry, would you buy me a meal?

It wouldn’t have to be anything fancy, just something simple to take away the gnawing reminder that I haven’t eaten for a while.  Or it could be as fancy as you like.  I will be happy for anything.   Anything at all.

If I were hungry, would you buy me a meal?

I am hungry now—hungry because I left home this morning in too much of a rush and forgot to grab something on my way out the door.  It is no great matter.  I will eat lunch soon, and if I didn’t want to wait, I could eat right now.  I know how hunger feels when I forget, or when I do not choose to eat.  I do not know how it feels to be hungry and not know when I might eat again.  I do not know how it feels when hunger becomes despair and fear.

If I were hungry, would you buy me a meal?

On July 22 we will join with the youth group and adult chaperones and fast for 30 hours during a lock-in retreat.  Instead of feeding my own hunger, your money will help pay for our youth summer mission trip where we will serve those who are truly hungry—those who hunger for food, for love, for justice, and for God. During our retreat, we will begin to understand the hunger that over 925 million people around the world—over 35 million in the United States—feel each day.  And we will begin to understand how sometimes the Gospel can be a piece of bread.   And we will pray.  We will pray for the hungry.  We will pray for those we will serve on our summer mission trip.  We will pray for peace and justice.  We will pray for you.  And I will write you a letter sharing my experience with you and giving instructions for sending your pledge to the church.

If I were hungry, would you buy me a meal?

I will be very thankful, but I will not eat.