In February we will venture out to Marina State Beach on Saturday, February 23, 2013.
Carpool from the church at 10:00 a.m. (the hike starts at 10:20 a.m.); we will return to the church by 1:00 p.m.

This is a great hike for families and people of all ages. You can fly kites, play at the beach, walk seven miles on the beach, or just take a half-mile walk on a boardwalk. Ever wanted to hang glide or do paragliding or just go fly a kite? Come and join us to fly a kite, take photos, walk, and– if we are lucky–see hang gliders or paragliders. They take off from the dunes and glide along the side, swooping up and down like daring birds.

Marina State Beach is a twenty-minute drive north on Highway One. You exit on Reservation Road and go west. Go straight and you are at the Marina State Beach. It is suggested that we all park at Kula Ranch Restaurant. To get there, go west on Reservation Road and turn on the first (and only) right, then go one half block to the entrance at the left into Sanctuary Beach Resort. Keep driving and go past the entrance to the resort and head slightly to the right up the hill to the restaurant parking lot.

The dunes are some of the highest on the Central California coast, and are home to some unique wildlife. There is a Dune Nature Trail (less than .5 mile), mostly on a wooden boardwalk linked with “sand ladders”; it features signs that explain the flora along the path. The shoreline has 3.5 miles to walk all the way to Salinas River Wildlife Refuge. Walk on the packed sand along the cliffs on this wide beach. There is a steep incline to the beach through the sand, but several places you can easily traverse the hill. Take a family picnic lunch or gather together for lunch at Kula Ranch Restaurant at Sanctuary Beach Resort. Bring the usual: sunscreen,dark glasses, hat, clothes for sun or wind, and comfortable shoes.

Signing up for the hike: As with all the hikes, please contact  Cynthia Spencer (520-260-5158 or  Cynthia will then be able to notify you of any last-minute changes.