Dialog box-Discussion boxIce Cream Sunday Ideas

Our Stewardship-to-Empower-Ministry process includes listening to parishioners and incorporating ideas into our planning and budgeting process. Ideas were generated while ice cream was served to almost seventy people after the 10:30 a.m. service on June 23, 2013.

Listed below for your information are the fifty-one ideas recorded, and grouped into categories.  The next step is for the vestry and staff to prioritize the list and identify resources (e.g., money, staff, volunteers) to initiate the ideas. The results of this review will be published in late September. Thanks to all who provided ideas, and enjoyed ice cream.


In the Church:

1.      Return to the courtesy of asking parishioners to wait in the back before entering between lessons at the beginning of service. [Comment: train the ushers and then let them use their own discretion]

2.      Turn off cell phones at the door to the church

3.      Provide different colored numbers up on the wall when you change hymnals.  [Comment: the bulletins highlights what hymnal is to be used.  This should be sufficient.]

4.      When the children’s choir sings make the service more contemporary and family oriented


5.      Publicize our Evensong services better. Not having a Eucharist might appeal to some.

6.      Provide a contemporary service once a month.

7.      Provide Morning Prayer once a month for the liturgy of the word.  Some people could leave if they did not want to stay for the Eucharist.


8.      Restart the welcoming ministry, for example, each Sunday have two members at the table [Comment: We have ten new volunteers for the welcoming ministry, and we need eight more] 

9.      Welcoming has been impressive

10.    Add office titles to name tags, such as, “Vestry member”, “Youth Leader” etc.

11.    Provide name tags for visitors

12.    Plan a special Sunday welcoming for newcomers.


13.    Add contact names for ministries in the weekly newsletter so readers can get further information. [Comment: names will be provided.]

14.    Make the website easier to read; and have the lector schedule easier to find. [Comment: search box is available for easy use.] 

15.    Sign into website with your name and password to check off your name on lector schedule

16.    More office volunteers are needed.

17.    Office volunteers should be better informed about what is happening so that they can provide timely and accurate information.

18.  Let the congregation know when someone has passed on. [Comment: Will put in times of services in weekly email blast, when information is known.]

Small groups and activities:

19.    Form a 20-30 year-old singles group

20.    Provide activities for older singles

21.    Form a Saturday men’s group (pancakes, gardening)

22.    Form a men’s prayer breakfast on weekday mornings before work

23.    Form a Cursillo group on the Peninsula, and start a reunion group.

24.    Serve breakfast at 9:15, between services, once a month to tie the two services together.

25.    Offer more outside-working-hour activities

26.    People should take advantage of the excellent Bible study groups

27.    Choir members can’t go to Bible studies. Make meetings after church

28.    Have a biweekly, monthly, or quarterly time after the 10:30 service where a current topic is discussed with its implications to the church.

For our parishioners:

29.    Continue to make shawls for parishioners at homes and hospital. [Comment:  We have a backlog of shawls that need to be distributed.]

30.    Obtain a defibrillator for the parish [Comment: We were told that defibrillator operators need training / license.  We want to provide CPR training first, and are seeking a person to lead the CPR training.] 

31.  Change the structure of our buildings to be more attractive and practical [Comment:  We will soon start conversations about buildings & grounds needs.] 

32.  Return to the project of building an elevator/access from one level of the campus to another

33.  Build a lift outside the Seccombe Hall door on Ninth Street

34.  More flowers are needed on the altar – remind people to donate

35.  More people are needed on the Altar Guild

36.  Explore changing the Godly Play curriculum.  No one is happy with it.

37.  Need to emphasize children’s Christian education, and get parents‘ buy-in.

38.  We all need to continue our religious education, children and adults.

Seccombe Hall:

39.   Seccombe Hall is a great place for parties for members

40.   Stage in Seccombe Hall needs to be refurbished

41.  Would like the cross to be put back in the hall [Comment: The Decor Committee will be making recommendations where to place crosses, and they are likely to change over time, like the picture at the back of the church. ]

42.    Center for Spiritual Christian Transformation should have more events, such as courses in Benedictine spirituality

43.    The concert series (Music At All Saints) was fine during our Centennial year, but not now.  We are a church, not Sunset Center.

44.    We enjoy the Bach Festival concerts at All Saints’ as well as Bach to the Future for kids

45.    The music program is excellent — concert series (MAAS), Bach soloists, Evensong, and of course, the choir and band.

Community Programs:

46.    Provide a monthly article in the Herald religion section and Pine Cone that is meaty and explains what The Episcopal Church stands for.

47.    Undertake a year-long advertising campaign promoting our educational offerings.

48.    Put in hotel rooms something like a bookmark with a good quote, and our service times.

49.    Raise money for the outreach program in Haiti.

50.    We should know where to give your money where it will do the most good.

51.    All Saints’ Day School a good place to recruit new children