2012-rooster-bagSinging Rooster has arrived at All Saints’ and will meet our members some Sunday soon. The Singing Rooster logo graces a 12 oz. package of a delicious coffee similar to the Blue Mountain blend of Jamaica. The price per package is ten dollars.

Haitians know what they want and need most: jobs and economic independence. Christophe and Molly Nicaise, based in Madison, Wisconsin, have established a social enterprise through coffee agriculture, buying beans at more than fair trade prices, shipping from Madison, and distributing widely. Coffee plants are grown under shade trees, which are protected since they shade the income-providing crop. Visit the Singing Rooster website for fascinating information about their work in Haiti. There is much more to the story.

A ministry update from the Friends of St. Patrick’s, Haiti:
The pupils and teachers at St. Patrick’s School are on summer vacation and this is the planting season for the small farms.  Pray that this season’s hurricanes miss Haiti.