Mother Cynthia has begun to stock just a few food supplies for those in need in Big Sur. In the past, Paul Shames(for whom Paul’s Meadow was named) was known to help the needy. In fact, the Big Sur Health Clinic was so moved by his graciousness to all in need that after his departure they began stocking a small drawer with food and called it Paul’s Drawer.

In a few weeks a shed will be built near the manufactured home in which Mother Cynthia lives. The shed will be built by volunteers and some of the locals who are pleased to see the fresh energy, Sunday services, and presence there in the Big Sur community. We hope many of the materials will be donated by locals and members of All Saints’. The shed will serve multiple purposes, including housing two mouse-proof cabinets for food that has already been donated. Unlike our food bag distribution, Mother Cynthia plans to let people pick what they need to fill their bag so that one’s dietary limitations and appetite can help determine what fills the bag. In many cases the people are tent dwellers. They travel using backpacks and have no oven and perhaps not even a stove or campfire.

What can you do to help?

  • contact Mother Cynthia if you can donate some¬†of the building materials needed to build a custom shed
  • purchase and donate cans of tuna and othfood items with pull tops lids and packages of tuna to All Saints’ food pantry
  • donate a tent, tarp, or sleeping bag in good condition to help people get through the winter months¬†