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The overarching Gospel message for the next two months combines the emotion of delight with the action of serving. Delight involves tenderness, joy, and love. It includes honoring another. Delight describes the feelings of the two lovers in Solomon’s Song of Songs. The love of a man and a woman in the Song of Songs poetically conveys God’s love for us. Because of this divine-human connection, the Song of Songs held an important place in the early Church. Some of the early desert fathers and mothers even spoke of God’s love with the term eros, instead of the tamer New Testament word agape.

Serving others is explicitly mentioned in our mission statement: “glorifying Christ and serving others.” Caring for others by giving of ourselves for their sakes is central to the Gospel. Jesus himself provides the perfect example of lovingly serving others. His ultimate service was to sacrifice his life on the cross.

How and why we serve others is very important to God; it impacts our spiritual wellbeing. For instance, we could serve others in order to be admired, to influence people, or to hold sway over them. We could even serve others in a vindictive fashion. Of course, this is not the example that Jesus provides.

As followers and disciples of Jesus Christ we combine our service with delight. Delight makes certain that our service is life-giving and affirming, while service lifts our delight from mere sentimentalism to a love that is strong and true. God delights that we delight in serving others.

We encourage you to read ahead to gain a better understanding of the Scriptures each week. We also hope you will invite your friends to join you at church.

October 6, 2013: Delight in Serving Others
October 13, 2013: Delight in Serving with Gratitude
October 22 (Episcopal Schools Sunday): Delight in Welcoming the Stranger
October 27: Delight in Serving with Humility
November 3 (All Saints’ Sunday): Delight in Serving as Saints
November 10: Delight in Serving as Children of the Resurrection
November 17: Delight in Serving in the Name of Jesus
November 24: Delight in Serving to Remember