Vision 2014As we glorify Christ and serve others, we give thanks for our members and the many ministries we undertake. We also listen to God and to each other in order to adjust our course and to take thoughtful next steps.

Having listened to the many voices in the congregation telling what they believe to be our next steps in growth in glorifying Christ and serving others, the vestry and rector gathered many of the 52 ideas and hopes into five strategic initiatives.

The 2014 budget number that follows each initiative is only an estimate. The composite 2014 budget may not reflect a full corresponding increase, as some cost savings will be realized as we stage the implementation of each initiative. As always, the vestry aims to present a balanced budget that correlates to the faith-filled tithes and offerings presented and pledged by our members in addition to other income. 

Member-Led Culture
embers teach, mentor, and lead various ministries, with staff helping members discern areas of ministry and providing training. Review five missions and our organization to focus better on our purpose and core competencies.

Estimated budget needed:
Materials and training:  $5,000

Family Ministries
Hold conversations with families about family ministries. Start “Mommy and Me” support group this fall. Expand ministries by and to families, and hire family ministry leader by expanding Robin Denny’s position after she leaves for seminary next June.

Estimated budget needed:
Mommy and Me = $1,000
Full-time Director of Family Ministry = $70,000 (includes children, youth, and families)
Nursery care for all liturgies = $14,000

Expanding our Liturgy
We intend to add a weekly family-oriented contemporary service with eucharist at All Saints’ Day School by Easter, 2014.

Estimated budget needed:
Start-up costs for liturgy = $8,000

Improved Hospitality and Engagement
Offer Sunday morning pancake breakfasts with forums or classes from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. Restart newcomer receptions or dinners. Staff the office with a part-time secretary.

Estimated budget needed:
Office secretary part-time = $25,000
Hospitality supplies: $3,000

Create a Campus for the Twenty-First Century
Hold conversations about buildings and grounds that better welcome and serve our mission and ministries. Create a master plan and begin to raise funds as needed.

Estimated budget needed:
Concept drawings = $10,000
Capital campaign costs = $2,000