The 2013-2014 cycle of prayer for the Episcopal Diocese of El Camino is used by our members and clergy to strengthen our common bonds to Christ and the purposes of God among us. We pray for congregations and organizations on the date closest to their patronal feast day.

Pray for the parishes and all other worshiping communities throughout the diocese by following the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer.

Click here to download and print the 2013-2014 Diocesan Cycle of Prayer.

Sunday Date

Liturgical day

Prayer Concerns for:


Advent 1

For the Restructuring the Episcopal Church Committee meeting 12/5-7 in Baltimore.


Advent 2

St. Dunstan’s, Carmel Valley (12/13); Thanks for the Board of Trustees and the Standing Committee for their continued service in El Camino Real (first meeting of the year 12/12).


Advent 3

St. Thomas, Sunnyvale (12-21); for the birth of a new prison ministry in Santa Clara County.


Advent 4

St. Stephen (12/26): Gilroy, San Jose and San Luis Obispo, St. John (12/27): Morgan Hill and St. John’s Chapel, Del Monte


Christmas 1

For St. Philip the Apostle, Scotts Valley (1/3); For all who work for social justice; Our Daily Bread/Sunnyvale; Loaves and Fishes/Paso Robles; The Food Closet/Palo Alto; Tending Our Flock/Santa Clara; Santa Maria Urban Ministry/San Jose; Peninsula Interfaith Action; I-HELP/Monterey County; COPA/Pacific Grove; Christian Social Concerns/Pacific Grove; the Millennium Development Goals Task Force.


 Christmas 2  Epiphany

Epiphany (1/6), Marina, celebrating their 50th anniversary; Province VIII House of Bishops conference in LA (1/7-9).


Epiphany 1

For Epiphany, Marian; For a successful Partnership Visit as we welcome teams from the Dioceses of Gloucester and Western Tanganyika; Winter Conference (1/18) St. Peter (Confession of Peter 1/18): Morro Bay;


Epiphany 2

For the Board of Trustees and Standing Committee Retreat (1/25); St. Paul and San Pablo (Conversion of Paul 1/25), Salinas; St. Timothy’s (1/26), Mountain View;


Epiphany 3

Holy Child (Presentation in the temple 2/2); San Jose; Ministry Discernment Conference (1/31); COPA Leaders Retreat (1/26-27); CREDO Convocation (1/26-2/1).


Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple

Clergy Conference (2/4-6); For the Dominic Crossan Seminar hosted by San Luis Obispo Deanery (2/6-7


Epiphany 5

For the Discernment Conference (2/11); CDSP Board Meeting (2/12-13).  ); for Good Samaritan, San Jose, on the day of the first annual meeting of the combined congregation.


Epiphany 6

For the CREDO Convocation (2/18-22).


Epiphany 7

For the Deacons Retreat (3/1); For all who serve Outreach ministries in the greater community that provide housing and shelter and advocacy for the homeless.


Last Sunday in


That we may forgive our neighbors as ourselves.  For the For the Victim Offender Reconciliation Project; and prison, military, and hospital chaplaincies.


Lent 1

For the Commission on Ministry; for our seminarians; for the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, , the School for Deacons, and the Graduate Theological Union; for all Episcopal seminaries. For the Province 8 meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska (3/10-14).  For the Restructuring the Episcopal Church meeting 3/13-15).


Lent 2

St. Joseph (3/19): Milpitas. Commemoration of the Martyrs of Sudan (3/16); House of Bishops meeting (3/20-26).


Lent 3

For altar guilds, acolytes, ushers, lectors, greeters, Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors, and all who support our liturgies.


Lent 4

the Order of St. Luke, Stephen Ministers, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, priests, deacons, and monastics and their associates. College for Bishops Board meeting (3/31-4/2).  Medical Trust meeting 4/5-10).


Lent 5

For those in prayer and healing ministries (World Health Day 4/7). The Church-wide Conference on Violence (4/9-11).


Palm Sunday

For the entire diocesan community; that we may walk the Way of the Cross faithfully with one another and serve the Risen Christ in every aspect of our living.


Easter Sunday

All who work toward the goal of ensuring environmental stability (Earth Day, 4/22).  St. George (4/23): Salinas.  St. Mark (4/25): King City and Santa Clara; College for Bishops Directors meeting 4/23-24) For parish administrators, accountants, secretaries, and all the office assistants and volunteers behind the scenes who make our worship and ministry possible;


2nd Sunday of Easter

For St. Philip the Deacon, San Jose (5/1); The CODE conference in Cincinnati 4/29-5/2); Thanksgiving for our Retired Clergy and their service to the Church (luncheons 4/29 & 5/1).  For the Deacons Meeting 5/1-4 in North Carolina.


3rd Sunday of Easter

Bishop Mary’s colleague group meeting (5/6-8).


4th Sunday of Easter

Spring Conference (5/17). For all mothers this Mothers’ Day; Good Shepherd, Corral de Tierra; Beautiful Authority (5/12-16).



5th Sunday of Easter

School for Deacons Commencement 5/18.  CDSP Commencement 5/23.  For all those who graduate: for students of our schools and colleges, for those who minister to them, for the Commission on Higher Education; for children and young people everywhere that they may find support and appreciation wherever they may be.


6th Sunday of Easter

 York School Commencement (5/31).    Trinity Cathedral, San Jose; For Christian Education: Education For Ministry, Bethel Bible Study; for those who lead and those who attend educational Conferences and who participate in Christian education in our congregations.


7th Sunday of Easter

General Ordinations (6/1); for all who are discerning their call to ministry.



CREDO conference 6/8-16; St. Barnabas (6/11), Arroyo Grande; Day of Discovery (6/7);


Trinity Sunday

For Trinity Cathedral, San Jose; for all fathers on Father’s Day (today)


Pentecost 2

St. John the Baptist (6/24), Aptos; St. Paul (6/29): Cambria and San Pablo Apostol, Seaside; Province 8 Deacons conference (6/27-29).


Pentecost 3

For those who serve as diocesan staff: for Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves,  Archdeacon Jo Weber, Accountant Jo Ann McClain, Canon Jesús Reyes, Canon Brian Nordwick and Mary Beth Powell.


Pentecost 4

St. Benedict (7/11): Los Osos


Pentecost 5

For those who promote the dignity of women (Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Amelia Bloomer, Sojourner Truth, and Harriet Ross Tubman 7/20): ECW, Daughters of the King and other women’s groups; the Restructuring the Episcopal Church Committee meeting 7/16-18).


Pentecost 6

St. James the Apostol (7/25): Monterey & Paso Robles


Pentecost 7

For Spanish and English speaking Cursillos; for the renewal of our faith by the many means God provides: spiritual directors, Kairos, Emmaus, Marriage Encounter; for those who lead and those who attend Spiritual Retreats.  May the renewal of our faith always engage intellect and emotion, mind body and soul.


Pentecost 8

For renewal of faith (Transfiguration 8/6). For all in positions of leadership in our diocese: for the El Camino Clergy Organization; for members of the Disciplinary Board.


Pentecost 9

St. Mary (8/15): Pacific Grove
All engaged in ministry to infants, children and youth;


Pentecost 10

For those in leadership in this diocese that they may serve with “wisdom, patience and a reconciling temper”: for the members of our Diocesan Board of Trustees, for the Chancellor, Treasurer and Secretary of the diocese.
Diocesan Budget Presentation and Convention Preparation.


Pentecost 11

For educators and other ministers of knowledge: Directors of Religious Education, church libraries and librarians, our Diocesan Resource Center; daycare centers and preschools; bus-drivers, janitors, teachers, principals, teacher’s aides; students. For the “Gathering of Leaders” conference in Seattle 8/25-27).


Pentecost 12

For all who labor (Labor Day): that all shall earn a living wage and be treated with honor and respect.  For the Partnership visit to the Diocese of Gloucester 9/2-8).


Pentecost 13

Calvary (Holy Cross 9/14): Santa Cruz
For members of our diocese who serve as volunteers in response to the many disasters of hurricane, flood, earthquake, tornado and other calamities.


Pentecost 14

Fall House of Bishops Meeting 9/17-30)


Pentecost 15

St. Matthew’s, San Ardo (9/21); For faithful stewardship: that we may use our wealth wisely and recognize our true riches; for the diocesan Commission on Stewardship; for our Finance and Budget Committees; for the El Camino Real Foundation; for the diocesan Treasurer; for all congregational commissions on stewardship; for all congregations’ treasurers and finance committees; Christian Festival of Spirituality (9/26-28)


Pentecost 16

St. Francis of Assisi (10/4): San José; Restructuring the Episcopal Church Committee meeting 10/2-4).


Pentecost 17

Deacons Board meeting 10/6-8) NYC.  Discernment Conference (10/7).  CDSP Board mtg 10/9-10.


Pentecost 18

St. Luke the Evangelist (10/16): Atascadero, Hollister, Jolon, Los Gatos


Pentecost 19

For all in positions of leadership in our diocese: delegates and alternates to Convention; members of vestries, bishop’s committees, and search committees;


Pentecost 20

St. Jude the Apostle (10/28): Cupertino; Episcopal Church in Almaden, San Jose (founded 11/1); College for Bishops board meeting 10/28-29).


Pentecost 21

All Saints: Carmel, Palo Alto, Watsonville; For the unsung saints:  Clergy spouses and partners, and their families, in thanksgiving for their love and support; for CREDO 10/2-10.


Pentecost 22

Diocesan Convention (11/14-15); For all who engage in mission (Charles Simeon, promoter of Missionary Work (11/12): our Department of Missions; The Canon Missioner to Silicon Valley, Sheldon Hutchison.


Pentecost 23

For church musicians, singers and choirs.


Last Sunday after Pentecost/Christ the King

Cristo Rey: Watsonville; St. Andrew (11/30):  Ben Lomond and Saratoga