At All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Carmel

Ensemble Galilei w NPR’s Neal Conan

Carmel, CA, November 20, 2013—The soulful and captivating music of Ensemble Galilei will be heard in Carmel with A Winter’s Night: Music and Poetry for the Solstice: music perfect for the holiday season, interwoven with text and poetry narrated by special guest, NPR’s Neal Conan. The Ensemble will appear at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Carmel , Sunday , December 8 at 7:00 pm. The program enjoyed a highly successful premiere in Annapolis, Maryland.

From its inception in 1990, Ensemble Galilei has redefined the boundaries of chamber music, created new work, seized opportunities for collaborative relationships and consistently pushed the envelope in a series of innovative projects that explore combinations of images, words, and music.

After taking audiences into space through the lens of the Hubble Space Telescope (A Universe of Dreams) and on journeys of exploration and discovery with pictures from the National Geographic Image Collection (First Person: Stories from the Edge of the World), Ensemble Galilei then looked to home. With images by some of America’s finest photographers, and the poetry and prose of some of America’s greatest writers, the group presented First Person: Seeing America.

The current holiday project began in Jacksonville, FL when members of Ensemble Galilei ignited a crazy musical synergy around the idea of Christmas music. Later they were to come together to record a CD. From the opening unison strings of Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence to the last note of Silent Night, the CD courses with the extraordinary arrangements of Ensemble Galilei, created by musicians whose musical sensibilities have been shaped by their personal histories. Each renowned in their fields – the youngest winner ever three divisions of the All-Ireland Senior Championship in one year, one winner of the U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Championship, and a four-time winner of the U.S. National Scottish Harp Championship– they brought their phenomenal talents to bear. What comes from this wealth of experience and expertise is an astonishing recording, some of which forms the basis for this concert.

The text and poetry that are interspersed incorporate a wide variety of works from renowned American writers such as Jim Harrison, May Sarton, Jack London, Ogden Nash, and more. Special guest narrator Neal Conan has enjoyed a highly successful collaborative relationship with Ensemble Galilei for more than ten years. Together they created A Winter’s Night, A Universe of Dreams, First Person: Stories from the Edge of the World and most recently First Person: Seeing America. A veteran utility infielder for National Public Radio, Conan has served as a reporter, producer, editor, and host. He has worked on every program produced by NPR News and has covered the Iran-Iraq War, the Gulf War, presidential elections, inaugurations and one impeachment. Until recently, he was the host of NPR’s Talk of the Nation, and is the author of “Play by Play: Baseball, Radio, and Life in the Last Chance League.”
Participating members of Ensemble Galilei are Isaac Alderson (Uillean pipes, Irish flutes and whistles), Ryan McKasson (Scottish fiddle), Jackie Moran (Bodhran and banjo), Sue Richards (Celtic harp), and Carolyn Anderson Surrick (Viola da Gamba).

Tickets for the concert will be available at the door and are $35.

All Saints’ Episcopal Church is located at the corner of Dolores Street and Ninth Avenue. For information, call: 831-624-3883.