Living the questions-2014 dio conferenceOur own Diocese has a long standing partnership with the Diocese of Gloucester and the Diocese of Western Tanganyika. This January they will send two representatives to be presenters for our Diocesan Winter Conference. Our partners will be with us for six days. Each diocesan team will share how Christianity came to their country, and how their unique history affects their missional context today. They will encourage us to explore our own history of how Christianity arrived in California, and how that impacts our missional sharing of the gospel in the present day.

Our presenters: The Bishop Sadock Makaya and Gervas Ntahamba from Western Tanganyika, The Archdeacon Robert Springett, Ms. Julie Faye and Canon Andrew Braddock from the Diocese of Gloucester.

DATE: January 18, 2014
TIME: Gather at 9:30 AM. Conference runs from 10A-3PM
PLACE: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 1071 Pajaro Street, Salinas, CA 94901
COST: $20.00 (lunch included)
REGISTER: online at or call 831-394-4465
QUESTIONS: or call us at 831-394-4465