Santa Lucia Campground
2014 Camping Policies, Fees, and Payment Requirements

Rates are listed here for our two group sites. The group rates apply regardless of the size of your group, but the group may not exceed the maximum capacity of either campground. The capacity of the lower campground is seventy-five campers, while Paul’s Meadow has a capacity of twenty-five campers.

Camping will be offered for a two-night minimum on weekends, and two-night minimum periods during the week (not including a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night). Once a two-night minimum has been met, another single night may be added at one half the two-night rate. All of the rates below are based on two-night stays.

Pre- and post-season: April and October
a. $700 entire lower campground per weekend (Friday and Saturday)
b. $350 entire lower campground for two week nights
c. $350 Paul’s Meadow

Off season: May and September
a. $850 entire lower campground per weekend
b. $425 entire lower campground for two week nights
c. $425 Paul’s meadow

Regular season: June, July, August
a. $1,000 entire lower campground per weekend
b. $500 entire lower campground for two week nights
c. $500 Paul’s meadow

Example: In the month of July, a group of twenty people uses the entire campground for the two-night weekend. The fee of $1,000 ÷ 20 = $50, or $25 per night. Many of our groups have seventy-five. The fee of $1,000 ÷ 75 campers = $13.33, or $6.67 per night. For a larger group, this is less than they are now paying at $10 per night. The cost at the neighboring campground is $50-60 for tent camping. Cabins range from $160-$400 per night.

Site use: We are inviting Christian churches to have youth and parish summer camping and retreat experiences at Santa Lucia. We are encouraging campers to be with us who share our values and will respect our property, the environment, and the people of Big Sur. We want to see Christ glorified in our love of all that he has created as we maintain the natural beauty of the land entrusted to us.

Group Reservations will be allowed in the month that is one year from the month the booking is sought. For example, if you want to reserve a place for the month of June 2015, you may book it any time after June 1, 2014, but not before.

Payments: All bookkeeping for the campground will be handled by All Saints’ parish bookkeeper. All payments are to be made out to All Saints’ Church; please include in the memo your group name and the dates that you are using the campground.

In order to confirm a booking, a 50% deposit will be required (one half of the entire fee). Until the fee is received, your campsite is not reserved. Should another person contact us requesting that same time, we will extend a courtesy to you by phoning or e-mailing to inquire if you are still interested. If so, you will need to pay electronically or send a check via next-day mail. Payment in full is required one month prior to the date of use. If payment is not made, a courtesy call will be made, and thereafter the deposit returned and the reservation cancelled.

Cancellations will be permitted up to one month before the booked date. If the date of your reservation is June 4, then we must receive your cancellation by May 4. On May 5 and thereafter, your deposit becomes non-refundable.

Paul’s Meadow is intended for use by members of All Saints’ Church. However, in the event that the meadow is not booked, it may become available for booking for individuals and small groups without affiliation or membership at All Saints’. For details and availability of Paul’s Meadow, please speak to the campground registrar.