VisionLet us imagine Gods dream for All Saints, a vision built upon 1) Jesus Christ, 2) relationships, 3) abundant life, and 4) self-giving. In listening to this dream, may you discern Gods vision for yourself as well. Fr. Rick

Jesus Christ 

I dream that tourists and neighbors of all ages learn how much I love them because of the way you follow my Son. I foresee All Saints’celebrating Jesus Christ with such joy that the fireworks of your faith draw people to this congregation. I dream that you boldly proclaim Jesus as Lord in such a way that people of every religion see and feel my love. For the eternally begotten and enfleshed Word of God presents my comprehensive and inclusive love for all people. I have a dream that your beautiful liturgy is a light to the nations and a beacon to the lost.


I dream that when people come to your doors, they already know that you treasure them as unique human beings. Your radical hospitality confirms my people as being precious. As Rebekah welcomed the servant of Abraham at the gate, so you welcome and incorporate babies, children, youth, families, singles, middle aged, and retired people of many nationalities and races. Love them through my Son.

The Abundant Life

I have a dream that you stretch out your arms and reach forth your hands to partake of the abundant life in which your brokenness is healed, your thirst to learn is quickened, your yearning to teach is satisfied, and your courage to take risks knows no bounds. I dream that All Saints’serves as a learning community in which people search the height and depth, the length and breadth, of the mystery that I am. I want you to grow and mature spiritually all the days of your life. I give you my life that you may have life abundantly.


Finally, I dream of All Saints’ as a life-giving community that empties itself for the sake of others. I dream that your care for one another brings comfort, that your justice feeds my people from Carmel to Haiti to Africa. I dream that you wear the yoke of Jesus to such a degree that the weary know they are loved. I dream that people with heavy burdens join you in expressing gratitude by who they are and what they do. I dream that my gentle heart extends from this church to my day school and that my humble spirit reaches to Santa Lucia, as you lovingly serve the two missions I have given you.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.