Financial Report – All Saints’ Episcopal Parish – July, 2014

Adjustments to projected revenue were made in the following areas: reduce expected pledge revenue, reduce revenue expected from seasonal flower donations and reduce revenue expected from the Chalet rental.

Comparable reductions in expenses made to bring revised revenue expectations into balance were made in the following areas: savings expected from reduced cost of guest musicians to end of year, significant savings from reduced insurance costs, savings from lower than expected repair and maintenance costs of Church premises, savings from reduced costs of Parish Administration and also from office expenses (supplies, etc.).

Dave McClendon, Vestry Member

 YTD Actual YTD Budget
Other Operating Income $191,944.24 $224,143.50
Trust Revenues $110,669.58 $99,147.35
    Total Income $302,613.82 $323,290.85
Operating Expense $195,532.68 $201,148.62
Other Expenses $96,673.57 $118,253.00
    Total Expense $292,206.25 $319,401.62
NET $10,407.57 $3,889.23