Two discernment meetings were held in August and September of 2014. At these meetings, the congregation was invited to offer feedback to the vestry. The results are documented in this report.

Two discernment meetings were held in August and September of 2014.  At these two meetings, the congregation was invited to offer feedback to the vestry.  Three questions were presented in a small table discussion format with the accumulation of answers being offered to the group at large.  The vestry listened intently to the answers of those questions.  After the meetings, each response was placed into a category.  The categories were not pre-determined, but rather formed as groups of responses emerged.  The results are as follows:

Discernment Graph

After the data had been correlated and the biggest groups of responses identified, the vestry took the four biggest groups (with the exception of “Other” which was a compilation of all the single responses) and looked at the individual responses in each section.  As we read through these columns of data, themes began to emerge in each category.  From these themes, the vestry began to establish objectives for the coming year.  After the objectives had been written, we established a priority list and a timeline.  The objectives in priority order are as follows:

  • Instill a greater sense of community within our membership
  • Ensure all members feel their pastoral needs are met
  • Establish an organized welcoming community
  • Form a parish/school relations committee
  • Grow youth and education opportunities
  • Increase web and social media presence
  • Develop a plan for the church organ
  • Define and publicize our core values

The following timeline is our guide for initiating our priories:

SPRING 2015:

  • Increase the sense of community without our membership by establishing Covenant and Affinity groups, exploring Sunday Forums, and inviting members to plan social events for the Parish
  • Organize a Welcoming Ministry
  • Explore options and create a plan for replacing the organ
  • Increase ASA to 130


SUMMER 2015:

  • Meet all Pastoral Care needs of the Congregation including increasing Pastoral care team, and create a Celebrations ministry
  • Increase Youth and Family Programming by working with the current youth leader to increase current programming, and explore initiating a Family Eucharist between ASDS and ASEC
  • Initiate a Parish/School Relation Committee
  • Increase our interaction with the local community by increasing our web presence and increasing our advertising


WINTER 2015/2016:

  • Define and publicize our core values to assist with building healthy relationships between the congregation and the leadership team
  • Increase ASA to 160

This has been a labor of love on the part of the vestry and we are now ready to ask for the assistance of the congregation to make it all happen.  The following three items are ways the congregation can be involved in making this a successful venture.

  1. Complete a TIME/TALENT/INTEREST sheet (link) and return it to the church.  This is the best way to get involved with All Saints and for us to prioritize new opportunities for the membership and outside community.
  2. PLEDGE.  New programs and initiatives sound great, but if we can’t pay for them, they can’t happen.  Knowing how much money we will have in the coming year will greatly help us with starting new programs or continuing old ones.
  3. PARTICIPATE.  We hope all of you will find activities and groups at All Saint’s that speak to you spiritually and socially.  Come and bring your friends to something you haven’t tried before- you never know when God will speak to you.

On behalf of the vestry, I thank all of you for your participation in this process and I hope you will find increasing ways to participate in our amazing community.

 Wanda Green, Sr. Warden

Note: A hard copy of the report is available for downloading here.