The Three Marys at the Tomb

Las Tres Marías en el Sepulcro
(The Three Marys at the Tomb)
Peter von Cornelius (1783-1867)

Easter, the Queen of Feasts, is honored with glorious music, beautiful flowers, and our finest liturgies as we hear the story of the Resurrection, proclaim our hope in God, and share Holy Communion.  Descriptions of each service and event are given below.

April 4, 2015

The Great Vigil of Easter (8:00pm)

The first celebration of Easter occurs at the Great Vigil on the eve of Easter Day.  This ancient, beautiful, and dramatic liturgy links us to the early Church.  Consistent with their Jewish heritage, the first Christians understood the new day to begin at sunset; thus, Easter Day begins when the sun sets on Saturday.

We enter the Vigil in silence and in darkness; it is as if we entered the darkened tomb of Jesus.  Our hope is symbolized by the creation of a new flame with flint and steel and the lighting of the paschal (Easter) candle. By its light, we hear the chanting of the Exsultet, one of the Church’s earliest and best-loved prayers.  We continue our vigil by reading some of the great stories of salvation from the Old Testament, interspersed with psalms and prayers. The paschal flame is shared throughout the assembly, and we prepare for Easter by baptizing new members and renewing our own baptismal vows. At the proclamation of the Resurrection, the church is illuminated, the altar candles are lit, and we greet our Risen Lord by singing the Gloria in Excelsis.  You are invited to bring bells to ring at this time.  We conclude with a festal celebration of the Eucharist (Holy Communion).

The Easter Feast: April 4 (following the Easter Vigil)

As we joyfully end our Lenten fast, each member of All Saints’ is invited to bring bread, cheese, fruit, vegetables, or a favorite dessert to share. Our visitors and newly baptized members will be our guests.  Juice, wine, and hot beverages will be provided.

April 5, 2015

Easter Day (8:30am, 10:30am, 5:30pm)

8:30am and 10:30am

The liturgy is offered in modern English with a variety of musical styles, from traditional to contemporary.  The parish choir leads our singing, accompanied by organ, piano, flute, and other instruments. 

After the 10:30 service

Children are invited to an Easter egg hunt in our parish garden.


The Easter celebration continues with all joy in this candlelight service. The piano  and organ lead our singing.