Dear Friends,

When I found myself in the position of leading this parish after Fr. Rick’s departure, I saw myself as a caretaker, keeping the ship afloat, encouraging the passengers to stay on board and help row.  However, as we now find ourselves in our third month at sea, I realize that this is very much a journey together and not just a ferry ride to the other side.  We will not have a new pastor among us for a good two months, realistically, and in the meantime, we need to feed ourselves and take care of ourselves whether we have the captain on board or not.

Consequently, the Discipleship Commission has decided we need to get busy with an education program.  We need to be spiritually fed, and as much as we have enjoyed a variety of good sermons, we need to be actively engaged in our own spiritual education.

With that in mind we are asking parents of youth of all ages to meet with me and Michael Sizemore immediately after the 10:30 service next Sunday, the 13th.    We want to know what you would like in the way of Christian Education for your children this year.  We will make every effort to have a viable program this year but it will take the parents and the parish to create and support it.

Likewise, we need to have an adult education program.  Candace DiLello, of the Discipleship/Community Commission, will meet with the adults after the 10:30 service and determine the direction we will go beginning Sunday, 20 September, the day after our parish picnic.

I do hope you have the picnic on your calendar.  Saturday, the 19th of September.  We will celebrate Morning Prayer at 11:00 in the Santa Lucia Chapel, then head down to the main camp area for a lovely picnic.  Bring a salad or dessert to share.  Chicken barbequed by Don and Susan Britton.  This is a time for nurturing our parish relationships.

So, keep rowing like mad.  We will make it to our destination, but it will take all of us, committed to our own spiritual growth, as we continue our Adventure in Faith.

In Christ,

Claudia Ward, Senior Warden
All Saints’ Episcopal Church