Dear Friends,

This parish, like so many Episcopal churches, was begun by a small group of people who felt an Episcopal presence was needed in Carmel.  They built a charming English church which looked right at home in the woods of early 20th century Carmel.  When they outgrew that church they built the one we are now in, and the original building became City Hall.

A church is more than a beautiful building and garden with excellent music, a good sermon and traditions to keep. We are not only rich in these resources, but those who have gone before us have entrusted us with a firm foundation built on faith. And where we are now is in the midst of an Adventure in Faith. Just like others on long trips, (Moses’ journey comes to mind) we become impatient. “We’re hungry.” “Are we there yet?”

Actively seeking to be a loving community, centered in Christ every day and a presence in our neighborhood and world doesn’t come easily. We need each other to offer encouragement and strength. And we can’t just wait until there is a priest-in-charge though we will welcome the spiritual leadership our new priest will provide.

It seems All Saints’ is going through its seasons, too. As darkness arrives earlier each day, it can be hard to see our path — especially in Carmel where you need to navigate the dark streets with a flashlight!  But soon the light of Advent will shine in the darkness to remind us of Christ’s birth, life, death and resurrection.

Buying a new organ was an Adventure in Faith and this Sunday you will have an opportunity to hear it for the first time. Clay Couri has been working hard in order to present beautiful music to enhance our worship and for the glory of God.  (Richard Wilson is enjoying a long-planned vacation.)

I encourage you to come this Sunday, join in worship, bask in beautiful music.  The organ will be heard at the 10:30 and 5:30 evensong services.   After the 10:30 service you may stay and learn about the instrument.  Rob Lindquist, of the Allen Organ Company, will join Clay in explaining the organ’s features.

With gratitude for help from my friends in composing this week’s epistle,

Claudia Ward, Senior Warden
All Saints’ Episcopal Church