Dear Friends,

Time, Talent and Treasure:  the three legged stool of stewardship.  Lately, it seems the emphasis has been on TIME.  We have so many people in this parish who are incredibly generous with their time.  The vestry has been working over-time in the search process, as has the entire search committee.  Our organists put in lots of time maintaining the old organ and getting the new one up and running.  Our sexton, Raul, has been working extra hard getting things ship shape for our new Priest in Charge.  Candles are placed for the 5:3; bulletins are prepared, flowers arranged and refreshment provided. Etc.

This week in particular I want to showcase one of our extra hard workers:  Kathy Kirkwood, our music director.  Kathy works full time as the Human Resources manager for Interim, Inc.  Yet at the end of her workday, she puts on her musician hat and plans the music for All Saints’.  Mostly her efforts support the 1030 service, but she also plans Evensong held the first Sunday of the month and she works closely with our supply clergy to select appropriate hymns and plan the services for each Sunday.  Since July we have been using many hymns requested by the congregation and Kathy chooses from the selections to fit the readings for the day, not a small task.

Kathy left the alto section and took over as music director two years ago at a particularly challenging time in our parish’s life.  She works unstintingly and way beyond the expected to provide a quality program with our small but mighty choir, searching the literature for material appropriate to our numbers, and preparing ethereal flute solos and descants for us and God’s glory.

This Saturday, the 10th of October is our Diocesan Honored Women’s Day and All Saints’ Honored Woman this year is Kathy Kirkwood.  Thank you Kathy for all you do to produce a quality music program at All Saints’ Episcopal Church and for giving so much of your TIME.

In Christ,

Claudia Ward, Senior Warden
All Saints’ Episcopal Church