Dear Friends,

It’s that time once again, as predictable as the leaves falling or birds flying south.  It’s budget time.  It’s time to talk about that other leg of Three-legged stool of Stewardship: Treasure.

When I began to address envelopes for a letter I had written to the parish, I realized that my approach was all wrong, that the approximately one hundred individuals or families who pledged or regularly donated to All Saints’ last year are heroes.  They are the ones who stepped up to be counted.  I threw out that letter and decided to start over.  And save some stamps.

Thank you for your steadfast faith in the mission of the parish and in your belief in a sound future.  Thank you for making All Saints’ your spiritual home and for staying by her side through thick and thin, now being a wee bit thin.  However, these past six months have been a transformative time for your vestry and search committee.  Everyone involved in the process has evolved spiritually.  We are convinced that All Saints’ is on the cusp of a bright new era and that the parish will be even stronger for having gone through a rough patch.

We hope to be able to announce the name of our new Priest-in-Charge very soon. As you know, your vestry and search committee have been incredibly busy with the search process, some people balancing full time jobs along with weekly meetings, sometimes more.  As a result of this activity the vestry has not been able to devote attention to our annual pledge campaign.

We will keep it simple.  To those who have been giving regularly to All Saints’, we humbly ask that you continue to do so, maybe even consider raising the amount a little.  If you attend regularly, but do not pledge, we humbly request you seriously consider doing so as it makes things so much easier for those who are planning the budget.  If you have not attended church in a while, please rejoin us, you are wanted and needed…and missed.

For the next few Sundays the ushers will be passing out pledge cards.  Our patronal feast is November first, the traditional time to turn in our pledges.  Time, Treasure and Talent, the three legged stool of Stewardship: Let’s make every effort to turn in our promise of Treasure, which we have received through the bounty of our God, on our parish feast day.

Sincerely in Christ,

Claudia Ward, Senior Warden
All Saints’ Episcopal Church