Dear Friends,

Faith and Worship.  Two more of our parish values.  Spelled out in more detail they are:  We are an educated group with an interest in a deep and sincere faith and We treasure sacredness in worship in its manifold forms.  Now I am a bit out of my league (understatement), but, having begun something by discussing two other parish values (Community and Service) in previous weeks, I forge ahead bravely.

Both Community and Service are important aspects of our common life, but one can experience community in a bridge club or engage in service through Rotary.  What brings us together in a church is our faith in God and His worship.

Yes, one could go sit under an avocado tree and worship God by contemplating his creation but to be a Christian requires common worship through a common faith and in our case, especially, by our adherence to a rite of Common Prayer.

Members of this parish hail from a wide area: Carmel, yes, but also Carmel Valley, Monterey, Seaside, Marina, Salinas, even Greenfield.  Our lovely church building and the efforts of our choir and altar guild bring us together to worship in beauty, the fifth of our parish values.  And a church building and campus requires upkeep which requires money.

We are at a threshold.  We have called a new pastor whom the search committee believes will lead and guide us through the rebuilding process. However, the most important ingredient in our rebirth is our faith in ourselves as a congregation.  We are a unique parish personality on the Peninsula.  Who we become as we redefine ourselves is up to us.  We have joked a lot over the last few months about it being “us chickens” ruling the roost.  But the truth of the matter is that we have been running the church together without benefit of clergy.  Now it is time for all “us chickens” to put our eggs in the basket that is All Saints’.

We can demonstrate our faith in All Saints’ future in many ways, but pledging financial support is a good place to start.  It took a lot of lay energy and money to establish this parish back in 1912 and a lot of the same to make the move to our current location in 1951.  Many of you continue to be very generous with your energy and money as we move forward in the life of All Saints’.  The vestry thanks you for doing so.  Let’s all now show our gratitude for the efforts of those before us and a belief in the future by throwing our energy and wealth into creating a vibrant parish offering a meaningful spiritual environment that will attract the seekers who so frequently attend our services.

If you have yet to make your pledge for 2015, please do so this Sunday.  Cards and envelopes will be available from the usher or on the table in the back.  Thank you.

In Christ,
Claudia Ward, Senior Warden
All Saints’ Episcopal Church