Our Mission And Vision

Disciples Glorifying Christ and Serving Others

By God’s grace and mandate, our future honors and carries forward the sacred heritage of All Saints’ Parish. We are called to be a diverse community filled with vitality and enthusiasm that celebrates together around the wellspring of Holy Communion, in order to be refreshed and equipped by the Holy Spirit. Living God’s future today, we attract more and more people of all ages into our fellowship of love and Christian formation. From this place we send forth members and establish missions that glorify Christ, serve others, and offer God’s hope to the world.

With this in mind, through our faith in Christ, we aim to follow the way of love in word, hope, and deed. Knowing that, as saints, we are not without sin or shortcomings, we strive to love God and our neighbor, remain respectful of others, and celebrate our Christian faith with enthusiasm.


Meaningful Worship

Worship is not something reserved for Sunday services, but is part of our day-to-day life. Our worship of God is an expression of the soul and intellect.

Caring Community

We welcome you to All Saints’ and hope that you feel an abundance of love and warmth as you engage with our members. This commission is primarily concerned with the soul – fostering joy, happiness, and contentment, and creating a caring community with groups and opportunities for members and visitors to mix and mingle, celebrate, and enjoy our life together as the church.

Enriching Discipleship

Discipleship is a way of life by which we seek to follow the example of Jesus Christ in giving ourselves out of love to others. Even in striving to achieve this idea of love, we know that the grace of God surrounds and inspires us, and that we rest assured of God’s forgiveness when we fall short. It is essential to sustain the vitality of our congregation and enliven the faith of each Christian ​through Bible study and educational events and classes.

Responsible Stewardship

Stewardship is for our intentional participation as members of this church, ensuring our vitality for generations to come. The church, after all, is made up of its members, with our life together, our common faith, and our shared commitment to Jesus. As members over the past century have invested their time, talent, and treasure to create what we know as All Saints’ Parish, we invite you to invest and volunteer on teams, committees, and commissions using your strengths, knowledge, and faith to enliven other members and further the mission of All Saints’.

Significant Outreach

Outreach is a predominant aspect of our life together at All Saints’. Throughout the year our members and many outreach teams help those in need throughout our community and around the world. It’s a joyful feeling to give to others, and even more to serve and help people when they are feeling down and perhaps even wrestling with their faith in God. It’s at times like these that our volunteers are like the hands of Jesus that help and heal those in need.