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Weekly letters from the Senior Warden

Not Just a Ferry Ride


Dear Friends, When I found myself in the position of leading this parish after Fr. Rick’s departure, I saw myself as a caretaker, keeping the ship afloat, encouraging the passengers to stay on board and help row.  However, as we now find ourselves in our third month at sea, I realize that this is very […]



Dear Friends, Hospitable:  given to generous and cordial reception of guests; offering a pleasant or sustaining environment (Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary) Christian hospitality is highly valued and given great emphasis under the Rule of St. Benedict.  Of course, in Benedict’s day (mid 6th cen.) there was no Motel 6 for the wayfarer or CHOMP for the […]

Another Three Legged Stool


We Episcopalians frequently refer to the Three Legged Stool of Scripture, Tradition, and Reason as the hallmark of our faith.  But just the other night one of our own mentioned to me another “three legged stool” that characterizes the way we do business.  This one is less lofty, more to do with the day to […]