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Sermon for the Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ, January 11, 2015


Genesis 1:1-5  |  Psalm 29  |  Acts 19:1-7  |  Mark 1:4-11 When the dove descended, God-the-Spirit greeted God-the-Son. With that greeting, it was time for Jesus to go into the wilderness. He might have wanted to run away, but how do you run from God when you are God? In the desert, Jesus was tempted […]

Pentecost III: October-November 2014


Our theme for October and November is Walking the Way of Praise. Jesus Christ is the Way, and “walking the way” describes our life choices as Christians.

Pentecost II: August-September 2014


During August and September we move from the relaxed days of summer picnics, camping, and vacations, to returning home, starting school, and beginning new programs at the church.

Pentecost (2014)


I pray that you will witness God’s presence and feel the breath of fresh air as the Spirit flies gracefully downriver.

All Saints’ Baptismal Archive


Elizabeth Barratt, author of The History of Carmel Valley,  The History of Gilroy, and All Saints’ Centennial Book,  serves also as the historian for All Saints’. She has just completed, with eyeglass in hand, the monumental task of reading and digitally recording one hundred years of All Saints’ history–and now the baptismal record of all our […]