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Outreach in Big Sur


Mother Cynthia has begun to stock just a few food supplies for those in need in Big Sur. In the past, Paul Shames(for whom Paul’s Meadow was named) was known to help the needy. In fact, the Big Sur Health Clinic was so moved by his graciousness to all in need that after his departure […]

Santa Lucia Shed


Materials list for shed (quantity, item description) 25 pier blocks with 4×4 metal brackets 13 60-lb bags of ready-mix concrete 25 4x4x8 pressure treated (pt) 12 2x4x8 pt 15 2x6x16 pt 2 4x12x8 douglas fir (df) 60 2x4x8 df 16 ¾ 4×8 cdx plywood 14 4×8 T one eleven plywood siding 40 LF Z flashing […]