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Easter: 2015


Stop swimming upstream against the Spirit’s flow & move downstream on the current of God’s love. Take the leap of faith & turn gently toward our loving God.

Covenant Group Training


A covenant group gathers regularly for fellowship, prayer, Bible study, and mutual support. Might God be calling you to lead such a group at All Saints’? Greg Troxell is offering a five-part training series on Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m. in the library. The series began last week, but Greg can arrange alternate times for training. January 27: […]

Vestry News


The  working vestry’s retreat last month  unanimously affirmed the two initiatives adopted by the outgoing vestry. The two overarching objectives are our basic responsibilities of growing the church and financing our five areas of ministry. Each vestry member agreed to make an additional financial gift beyond his or her pledge, not only to fuel our ministries, […]