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Pentecost II: August-September 2014


During August and September we move from the relaxed days of summer picnics, camping, and vacations, to returning home, starting school, and beginning new programs at the church.

Meet the new Administrative Coordinator, Ray Krise


Ray Krise is pleased to represent All Saints’ and to further our mission and ministries by serving as Administrative Coordinator. He is originally from the New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia and grew up about twenty-five minutes by car from downtown Philly.  Having attended public school, he went on to receive an A.B. from Middlebury College in […]

Sermon for the Fourth Sunday of Easter, May 11, 2014


As some of you know, many years ago I attended All Saints’ Missionary School in Enugu, Nigeria. In our travels during the six-year stay in West Africa, my family and I occasionally saw a herdsman or herds-boys. Invariably they carried one or more sticks to help them tend and protect the animals. Today is commonly […]