Deepening Our Practice – Centering Prayer Bibliography of Resources

Centering Prayer: Deepening Our Practice

Bibliography of Resources to Support Your Practice:  includes books on Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, Enneagram, Spiritual Literature, and Spiritual Biographies.

Centering Prayer



Spiritual Biographies

Lectio Divina

  • Hall, Thelma.  Too Deep for Words:  Rediscovering Lectio Divina. (With 100 Scripture Texts for Prayer).  Paulist Press, Mahwah, 1988.  Retrieves from obscurity the lost art of contemplative prayer as practiced for sixteen centuries in monastic tradition, and provides 500 thematically arranged scripture texts as rich resources for this intimate prayer.
  • Casey, Michael.  Sacred Reading:  The Ancient Art of Lectio Divina. Liguori/Triumph, Liguori, 1996.  Examines the Western tradition of lectio divina (a spiritual and prayerful approach to reading the sacred texts) in order to help readers expand their spiritual approach to living.
  • Robertson, Duncan.  Lectio Divina:  The Medieval Experience of Reading (Cistercian Studies Book).  Order of Saint Benedict, Collegeville, 2011.   During the Middle Ages the act of reading was experienced intensively in the monastic exercise of lectio divina ‘the prayerful scrutiny of passages of Scripture, savored in meditation, memorized, recited, and rediscovered in the reader’s own religious life. The rich literary tradition that arose from this culture includes theoretical writings from the Conferences of John Cassian (fifth century) through the twelfth-century treatises of Hugh of St. Victor and the Carthusian Guigo II; it also includes compilations, literary meditations, and scriptural commentary, notably on the Song of Songs. This study brings medievalist research together with modern theoretical reflections on the act of reading in a consolidation of historical scholarship, spirituality, and literary criticism.