For Our Visitors


  • When are worship services?

We have one main Sunday service at 10am.  The service is a traditional lite service with Holy Eucharist, sermon, choir and organ.  The last Sunday of each month we use a Celtic liturgy which is more contemporary in style with chanting and a shared sermon.

  • Where are virtual services housed?

The Sunday service is posted on All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Carmel, Facebook page or you can subscribe to the weekly Sacred Spaces newsletter by emailing

  • Where to park?

All Saints’ has a tiny parking lot accessible from Lincoln Ave.  It is probably easier to park on the street anywhere near the church.  Space is usually available except during major Carmel events like the Car Show in August. (During major city events come a little earlier to find parking).  There is also a paid parking lot on the north side of Sunset Center.  You can access the parking lot on 8th Street between San Carlos and Mission.

  • What do people wear?

There is a wide spectrum on what people wear to worship, anything from very casual to business attire to formal for special events.  Carmel is a beach town and people mostly dress in layers because the weather changes throughout the day and you want to be prepared for the cool moments by having a jacket or wrap.

  • What spiritual formation programs do you have available for adults?

We have module courses throughout the year such as the Lenten Series, Newcomer’s Class, Bible Study, Intercessory Prayer Group, Book Club, and other workshops.  We have a weekly Centering Prayer Group on Thursdays at 5:30pm which practices meditation and studies contemplative teachings through book/video and hosts spiritual retreats and workshops throughout the year.

  • What kind of Outreach services do you have?

All Saints’ is passionate about outreach and serves in a variety of ways, mostly through supporting feeding ministries:  Thomas Carman Food Pantry, Marina; Abraham’s Tent (Interfaith group of Jews, Christians, and Muslims who feed those in need);  I-Help homeless project where the homeless stay in our parish hall overnight once a month and dinner and breakfast is provided; Christmas Food Boxes to Epiphany, Marina, and the Big Share in Big Sur.

We also support various domestic and international organizations, i.e., Episcopal Relief and Development & The American Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East.

  • What other ministries does All Saints’ offer?

We serve All Saints’ Day School; Santa Lucia Campground in Big Sur; and Dame Julian Retreat Cottage on All Saints’ campus.

  • Do you have children or children’s programming?

We are planning to start a children’s spiritual formation program this summer, 2023.  Date and time to be announced.  If you are interested in learning more please contact our Parish Administrator at:

  • How much should I tithe?

We encourage people to give freely from their heart.  If you join All Saints’ we encourage you to grow in your spiritual practices and in your giving, listening to what God is calling you to give.  We have members who tithe and others who give a certain percentage of their income.

  • How can I participate?

If you are interested in getting involved at All Saints’ please contact our rector/priest/pastor at:

Rev. Amber will be happy to meet you and connect you with the congregation.