Jews Christians Muslims United Soup Kitchen Launches All Saints' Church Carmel California

Jews, Christians, Muslims United (JCM United) launches a new weekly soup kitchen this Thursday, November 21, called Abraham’s Tent. It will be located in Seaside and staffed by 15 volunteers, five from each faith tradition, and supervised by Chef Agha Bilal.

The motivation for the soup kitchen comes from JCM United’s mission, which is: To build and strengthen the understanding and ties between these religious communities through social justice programs, including feeding the hungry and our outdoor-living neighbors. Located at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, this soup kitchen provides tangible support to those in need of a nourishing meal, and opens a way for JCM United to bring people together to give and receive.

Each of these faith traditions is descended from a common ancestor, Abraham. Together they share the love of the Holy One, called Adonai, God, or Allah. Why Abraham’s Tent? The desert (and the world) can be a harsh place. For this reason, in the time of Abraham, any traveler who came upon a camp would be welcomed and taken care of. It is in this same spirit of hospitality that JCM United is partnering to run and support Abraham’s Tent—it comes from their hope to work, learn, love, and grow in relationship with one another while supporting real needs right here in Monterey County.

Not only will they work together at Abraham’s Tent, they will also provide educational and social activities for the Monterey communities, and encourage people to attend a service at a church, mosque or synagogue other than their own.

Involvement is key and volunteers are needed to prepare and serve meals at Abraham’s Tent on Thursdays from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sign ups are being taken at: Children must be at least 14 years old to serve. More information is available at: