Susan Bjerre Vestry All Saints' Episcopal Church

Susan Bejerre

Vestry Member

If one counts attending Carmel Bach Festival concerts, I’ve been coming to All Saints for decades.  But it wasn’t until my husband Mads and I bought a house in Carmel in 2018 that I went to a service here.  I knew immediately that I felt at home and left the service inspired to love God and others more genuinely and deeply.  Amber’s sermons are incredibly thoughtful and illuminating.


I’ve always belonged to “liberal Protestant” churches (Presbyterian and Congregational).  I’m fascinated by the ways religious beliefs influence individuals and society—from church history to theology.  I majored in religion at Princeton with an emphasis on religion in art, literature, and music.   Now I’m trying to go beyond thinking and instead listen to the Spirit, but that’s still a stretch for me.


Since college I have done all kinds of things, from Public Information Officer at an art museum to accounting (after getting an MBA at UCLA).  I have loved being a docent at LA County Museum of Art and now at Point Lobos; traveling to work on the Obama campaign; joining the Board of the Carmel Bach Festival; and singing with I Cantori di Carmel.


Being an Episcopalian is new to me, but I love this community of faith.  In LA I was a deacon and chair of the education committee, and I hope I can be useful on the vestry here.