Memorial Garden 2020 All Saints Church Carmel California

Toward the end of May, the Diocese of El Camino Real under Bishop Lucinda Ashby’s leadership, published the official Re-Entry Guide, which takes into consideration the cares and concerns of all our parishes across the diocese. The goal is to form a cohesive and effective forward plan for returning to in-person worship as we become adequately prepared to do so.

The Guide’s first requirement is to put together a Re-Entry Team that will define the protocols and practices for our parish as we move through Phase II toward Phase III, closely paralleling the guidelines of the State of California. This Re-Entry Team will hold its first meeting via Zoom on Thursday, June 11, and will report to the Vestry. Team members are: Julie Bryan, Barbara Dickason, Kris Keller, Jackie Lynch, Bill Martin and Philip Studer.

Bishop Lucinda has described Re-Entry as an evolving plan. With states opening up, many around us are ready to “move forward”… and we will step by step. Yet patience will still be asked of us… along with much care and consideration for each and every one among us.

Re-Entry protocols are thorough and thoughtful. Our top priorities will be focused around: screening, social distancing, sanitizing, and tracing. Read the entire Diocesan Re-Entry Guide.