Advent 2020 Benefit Pilgrimage All Saints Church Carmel California

— A pilgrimage for local racial reconciliation

In a year like no other… of civic upheaval and re-engagement with the deep cultural and racial divides and discrimination that persist in our society… All Saints’ Church is embarking on yet another pilgrimage — visiting online and engaging with The Village Project and the Center for Community Advocacy to learn more about and come to understand how people of color are directly affected by racial and cultural injustice.

Please take this opportunity to read and learn about the important work being done by these two agencies right here in our county, and then take the next step to join in their financial support this Advent.

The Village Project — Seaside

The Village Project, Inc. (TVPI) was founded to help meet the needs of the under-served African American community in Seaside. Initially birthed from the focus work of the Monterey Co Branch NAACP, TVPI has since expanded to serve any family or child in need across the county. Their services provide family and personal counseling, job training, cultural heritage awareness, equine therapy, teen leadership education, and more.

Center for Community Advocacy — Salinas

CCA provides education, orientation and legal support to farmworkers and other low-income working families who want to establish neighborhood committees that work to improve housing and health conditions and learn to negotiate / resolve issues with landlords due to unsafe housing conditions and housing discrimination.

— A benefit for Izzi’s Jams

For every $25 donated, you may receive three delicious jars of Izzi’s Jams and 40 percent of your donation amount will go to the two agencies. The more you give, the more jams you may purchase. A 100 percent donation can also be made to the two agencies.

Join Us! Wednesday, December 9, 10 a.m. to 12 noon. All Saints’ Sanctuary.

Cash or checks accepted. Make checks payable to All Saints’ Church.