Seeking God Seeking Christ New Members Class All Saints' Church Carmel

Anyone considering being a part of the life and ministry of All Saints’ Church likely has questions about how we go about the Christian walk of faith within and as an outward expression of our community. Much of the heart of our faith formation can be caught, in part, in the liturgy and teaching on a Sunday morning or as a part of a group centering prayer practice. Yet there comes a time for more focused study and discussion about the essentials.

This fall, beginning Wednesday evening, September 11, Rev. Amber will be teaching our annual new member’s class Seeking God, Seeking Christ. This six-week course covers the essentials of our faith—ranging from the basics of sacramental theology to the distinctions of the Anglican tradition. In between there is also good attention given to the practices of prayer, Bible study, forming a rule of life, giving, acts of service, and more.

Two texts enrich this course: Being Christian by Rowan Williams and Seeking God —The Way of St. Benedict by Esther de Waal; both are available at your favorite bookstore or from amazon. Anyone interested in becoming a member is encouraged to register by signing up at a Sunday Service or by contacting the Parish Office at (831) 624-3883 or